TTNEX - Privacy Policy

This document describes the way TTNEX, its partners and affiliates may gather, process and use users’ information provided on the TTNEX platform. The words “we”,“our” and “us” in the policy description represent TTNEX, its partners and its affiliates.

TTNEX asks for personal information that is solicited by law or needed for the specific objective. Any additional information provided voluntarily would not signify the permission to use or access all our services, whether opted by you or not.

By registering with TTNEX and accessing our services, the user consents to understand and accept the terms specified in our “Privacy Policy”. The terms contained herein can be revised from time to time to adhere to regulatory norms, to suit the way how we collect and use personal information.

All material amendments concerning the “Privacy Policy” shall be posted and declared on the website. Your continued usage of our platform and services means your acceptance of our revised terms.


We collect personally identifiable details during the user registration and subsequently when the user uses our TTNEX services.

(A) Information We Collect During Registration

When a user signs up and creates a TTNEX account, we may require a user to share personal information such as Name, Contact Details including Address, Mobile No. and E-mail Id. Additionally, the user can opt to use applications such as Google Authenticator or SMS OTP for 2-FA authentication to increase security of user account.

(B) Information Collected During User KYC Verification

To adhere to the global regulatory standards which include Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CTF) guidelines, we perform user KYC verification either by using inhouse technologies or by using reputed third party services. The user shall be required to submit relevant identification documents, proof of funds, bank details and a selfie with identification document at the time of KYC verification. KYC and AML third party services used by TTNEX are in compliance with various regulatory guidelines such as GDPR, CCPA and SOC 2 type II.

(C) Information We Collect When A User Uses Our Services
  • Service Usage Information

    We collect the service usage information such as device identification, access date and time, operating system, IP address and browser type through TTNEX platform and store it to ensure that our platform is seamlessly accessible to users with different devices and operating systems. We use this information to support the users and law-enforcement authorities during the times of fraud or criminal investigations.

  • Transaction Information

    We collect and process transaction information such as TTNEX account balances, withdrawals, deposits, trade history, transaction history and order activity for all user accounts to track suspicious transactions for the safety of our platform and its users from fraud. We are permitted to submit this information to concerned law-enforcement authorities during the fraud or criminal investigations.


(A) To Offer Our Services

The information gathered is used for the verification of user identity and to offer TTNEX services. The IP address and unique identifiers saved in your device’s cookies are used by us to verify your identity and offer our services. We need users’ data like contact information, transaction-related information to comply with legal and compliance requirements.

(B) To Contact The User

TTNEX uses personal information such as an E-mail address or Mobile No. to contact the user directly. We use the information to provide instant customer care support to our users, to keep them updated about the transaction and informed on account logins and security.

We can answer your queries and requests and confirm each communication only after processing and verifying your personal information. All the communication with a user is stored confidentially and regularly audited, internally.

(C) For The Safety Of Our Users

Information gathered by us is used for the safety of our users’ accounts and protection of our platform. TTNEX uses IP addresses and cookie data to shield the user's account from the computerized abuse and attacks like Spam, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Phishing.

We monitor the trading data and transactions information to identify suspicious acts at the initial level so that anticipated losses and potential frauds can be prevented.

(D) To Adhere To Statutory And Regulatory Needs

We aim to adhere to global Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations. We shall share the user personal or financial information with global law-enforcement agencies or their authorized officials during the fraud or criminal investigations. Except during such times, any information stored with TTNEX shall not be revealed to a third party without the prior permission from the user.

(E) To Review Platform Performance

Our technology team regularly evaluates and examines the data collected to discern how the services of TTNEX are used so that we can enhance the performance of our platform and elevate user experience resulting in user satisfaction with our services.

(F) Miscellaneous

It is indeed imperative for us and our users that we constantly check, investigate and curb the potential illegal or prohibited activities which violate our “Terms of Use”.

We closely monitor user behavior at our platform and co-ordinate with our partners to ensure that every user in compliance with our “Terms of Use” at all times. Suspected activities are flagged by our risk monitoring systems. TTNEX reserves the right to restrict the provision of service for any user caught involved in activities that violate our “Terms of Use”.


To protect every user’s personally identifiable information, we ensure that KYC verification and AML third party services used by TTNEX are in compliance with regulatory guidelines such as GDPR, CCPA and SOC 2 type II.

All our servers are located in highly secure, world-class data centers spread across various geographies. The data centers have military grade security and the servers have 2-FA controlled access. We use measures like Secure Sockets Layer encryption technology and perform stringent control on access data and it contributes to highest data security at TTNEX.

These and other security measures by TTNEX ensures that information saved with us is not prone to alteration, loss or false usage.

However, we expect our clients to take security precautions to safeguard their personal information and contact TTNEX customer service, when needed. Customers can “FREEZE” their accounts incase they suspect any security-issue with their account.


We always strive to uphold the users’ rights and their trust in our platform and associated services. For any query or clarification concerning our Privacy Policy, you can check our Knowledge Base or raise a ticket by contacting TTNEX Support.

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